Design & Engineering

Pushing the Boundaries of Fit & Finish

Start to finish, we collaborate with molders to design and engineer parts that meet world standards for production accuracy, fit and finish.

Technologies and Processes Assure Repeatable Accuracy

  • In-house design and tooling
  • CAD/CAM systems for ultra-precise part design and tooling
  • CNC mills create complex, highly-detailed shapes
  • Multi-cavity molds deliver dimensional repeatability

Helping You Design for the Future

  • Extensive experience with model refresh and differentiation
  • Flexible collaboration with OEMs and Tier 1 & Tier 2 designers
  • Expertise in functional, value-added trim designs, e.g.:
    • Illumination
    • Touch button technology
    • Embedded commercial messaging


Facing Specialty Forming Challenges? We’re here to help.