Tooling & Manufacturing

Start with Superior In-House Tooling Expertise. Carry the Ultimate in Precision and Quality through Thermoforming and Trimming

Rely on DPI Specialty Forming for a collaborative approach that delivers thermoformed parts that precisely match your in-mold tolerances and production nuances.


Expert, Collaborative In-House Tooling Design and Production
  • Close collaboration with injection molders from design through production
  • Expertise in design, dynamic analysis and optimization for thermoforming and injection molding
  • Rapid, iterative design process to achieve thermoformed parts that synch perfectly with your in-mold process
Closely-Controlled, Repeatable Thermoforming
  • ABS, polycarbonate, TPO and other polymers
  • Precise temperature control on materials and tooling
  • Highest quality thermoformed parts with consistent, repeatable metrics
Precise Trimming to Meet Your Functional and Visual Requirements
  • Highest precision for fit and function, even for reverse angles and wrapped parting lines
  • Production personnel average 15 years floor experience
  • Careful inspection and handling assures 100% of parts meet specs 

Facing Specialty Forming Challenges? We’re here to help.